The Nordic Model Video

I spent my summer in Stockholm, Sweden working in the Electrolux Food Foundation as part of my Wallenberg Fellowship. This video encapsulates all of my adventures and explorations outside of work.


A post that sheds some light on my role within the Electrolux Food Foundation this summer.


A recollection of the back to back four-day weekends we’ve had here in Sweden including a trip across the water to Denmark.

The Wallies

Learn more about the Wallenberg International Fellows Program and some of the ‘Wallies’ that I spent time with at the 5-year reunion.


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Follow the Journey

My first time leaving the U.S. was in 2015 as a Fulbright Scholar to Malaysia. Since that transformative experience, I’ve also lived and worked in Chile, Honduras, and Sweden. Here are the memories and reflections from a lifetime of adventures.

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